2023-2024 Roster

Mideast Division Staff Roster (08/31/2023)

National Vice Commandant Rick Thomason [email protected]g

Assistant NVC Craig Reeling [email protected]

Adjutant Laura Hamilton [email protected]

Chief of Staff & Paymaster R. Frederick Wise [email protected]

Jr. Past NVC Roger Ware [email protected]

Chaplain Scott Kirby [email protected]

Asst. Chaplain Leonard Stielper [email protected]

Sgt-at-Arms / Scouts Chair Charles Minton [email protected]

Sgt-at-Arms Jeffrey Jones [email protected]

Web Sergeant/Facebook Sergeant Frank Mathers [email protected]

Historian Evelyn Remines [email protected]

Vice Chief Devil Dog Craig Reeling [email protected]

MCLA Mideast VP Doris Bujanowski [email protected]

Photographer Alison Noger [email protected]

Assistant Photographer Mario Meaux [email protected]

Marine For Life Liaison Mike Lynon [email protected]

Marine of the Year Chair Frank Mathers [email protected]

Chapel of Four Chaplains Robert Hare [email protected]

Young Marines Liaison Jeremy Jones [email protected]

Bulletin Editor Rick Shank [email protected]

Assistant Bulletin Editor Patti Leib [email protected]

Compliance Kenny Joyner [email protected]

Department Commandants

Department of Delaware Rich Corbit, Jr [email protected]

Department of Maryland Joe Fay [email protected]

Department of North Carolina Ric Ledford [email protected]

Department of Virginia Joseph Hoadley [email protected]

Department of West Virginia George Gill [email protected]