2020 Professional Development

Attention on Deck

Department Commandants, Department Adjutants and Department Paymasters:

All Mideast Division Departments are directed to place an increased focus on Professional Development Program (PDP) Training for Department/Detachment Adjutants and Paymasters during the months of January and February 2020.

All Departments are to place an increased emphasis on those detachments that are weak or need assistance with the filing of their reports, meeting minutes, ROI, PLM audits, 990 filing or any other administrative procedures.

All Departments should have a professional development training team and use these members to offer assistance to their struggling detachments. Detachments need to be operated like a business entity since they are incorporated and operate under IRS guidelines as a non-profit organization.

All MCL PDP lessons can be found on the Training page.

Semper Fi,
Roger Ware NVC
Mideast Division