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The Division Conference is not that far away.
Please review all of the attached information and links about the Division MOY process.  Please do not wait to the last minute to submit your candidates.

Mideast Division Marine of the Year

The Mideast Division MOY Chairman Roger Ware has previously discussed that Board members (himself, Bud Raines, Tony Begenwald, Richard Tanner and Mike McLain) use a point system to select the recipient. All nominations submitted must be in accordance with the National MOY guidelines. All nominations are to be sealed in an inner envelope addressed to the Chairman.  A second outer envelope must be addressed to the Chairman at the address listed in the announcement. It must be sent Certified, Return Receipt. All nominations must have a statement that the detachment members approved their nominee at a regular meeting. 

MARINE OF THE YEAR- This award shall be presented to a regular member of the Marine Corps League who has rendered service(s) and performed a deed(s) above and beyond the duties and obligations required of a member of the Marine Corps League. Letters of Nomination for the Mideast Division Marine of the Year shall originate only at the Detachment level. No individual member of the Marine Corps League, or any subsidiary unit of the Marine Corps League shall submit a Letter of Nomination other than the nominee’s Detachment. The nominee shall be a regular member of the Marine Corps League, in good standing of the Detachment which submits the Letter of Nomination. Only officers and/or members of the Detachment submitting the Letter of Nomination shall be allowed to submit documentary proof, or affidavits on behalf of the nominee they submitted. Any meritorious deed(s) so identified as being within the scope of these rules shall be of such substance that the weight will or shall have brought acclaim and prestige to the Marine Corps League; or has enhanced and/or furthered the concepts of the duties of being a citizen of the United States of America; or has been a deed(s) of courage or valor without regard for his/her own safety. (See National Administrative Procedures Section 300, Subsection One (1)) 

Mideast Division Marine of the Year Nomination Package can be found at this link on the Mideast Division Website -


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Click the book cover to download the MidEast Division Marine of the Year Nomination Package ebook.

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  • Click HERE to find out about the MCL uniforms.  (Included as part of the National Bylaws)


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